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Why Everyone Is Going Crazy about Studying Pharmacy

Why Everyone Is Going Crazy about Studying Pharmacy

Are you looking to study pharmacy? Are you also searching for reasons students are going crazy about taking it up? There are many rewards of working in the pharmaceutical industry, such as high salary and a wide range of job options. To learn more, keep reading.

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What Does a Pharmacist Do?

One is generally responsible for ensuring the quality of medicines and making sure that they are supplied are within the law. A pharmacist also ensures that the drugs prescribed by doctors to patients are suitable. He or she also advise patients about medicines, such as the right dosage, as well as inform them about possible reactions that may occur in their bodies for taking a particular medicine. A pharmacist can also answer the questions of patients.

Five Essential Components of a Pharmacy Admission

  1. Science GPA
  2. PCAT (Pharmacy)
  3. College Admissions test
  4. Personal profile and essays
  5. Letters of recommendation

What Are the Major Choices That the Students May Consider?

  1. Academic pharmacy
  2. Community pharmacy
  3. Pharmaceutical industry
  4. Hospital pharmacy
  5. Additional career choices

What Awards Can You Get from Your Pharmacist Work?

  1. Pharmacy technician with a salary of $14, 446 – $29, 617
  2. Certified pharmacy technician with a salary of $19, 781 – $47, 277
  3. Pharmacist with a salary of $90, 730 – $135, 199

Common Career Paths for Pharmacist

  • Retail pharmacist
  • Pharmacist in charge
  • Retail staff pharmacist
  • Hospital staff pharmacist
  • Pharmacy manager
  • Hospital pharmacy director

There you have what to know about studying pharmacy and why students are going crazy for it. As you can see, there is a lucrative career waiting for anyone pursuing the program. However, see to it that you comply with the requirements and make sure that your personal statement, personal profile and letters of recommendations are stellar so that your application will be noticed.

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