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Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent Sample

If you are interested in taking admission in pharmacy residency program, you will be asked to submit pharmacist letter of intent and personal statement. Here most of the applicants get confused between these two similar letters and many of them consider the letter of intent as a cover letter. Here, it is very important to know the clear difference among letter of intent, cover letter of the admission application and personal statement.

It must address – the motive to do pharmacy residency, profession dreams, areas of hobby, the way you’ll meet residency meeting training desires and it is able to exact for you within the destiny. The pharmacy residency letter of reason consists of motive to carry out pharmacy for your residence. Those pharmacy letters ought to be in a widespread format and include a cowl letter.

excellent pharmacy residency letter of intent sample

Tips to Write Letter of Intent Pharmacy Residency

Following are the tips to write the successful letter of intent pharmacy and maintaining the difference line among letter of intent, cover letter, and personal statement:

  • Purpose of writing a letter of intent. If you are not aware of the reason behind writing the letter of intent, you cannot write the striking and successful letter. In a single line, the purpose of writing a letter of intent pharmacy residency is convincing the admission authority “why you are eligible to take admission in pharmacy residency program of that particular institute, how you could be beneficial for that institute and vice versa”. It may be surprising to you that you also have to answer the question “how you could be beneficial for that institute?”.
  • Length and format of writing a letter of intent. The length of a letter of intent pharmacy residency could be one or two pages in contrast to the personal statement and cover letter that must not be more than one page. In terms of the format of letter of intent pharmacy, there is no need to follow the chronological order. For this aim, you should take inspiration from some already approved pharmacy letter of intent example.
  • How your skills and experience make you successful for pharmacy residency. When you understand the purpose and format of writing the letter of intent pharmacy residency, you should prepare the answer to this question “How your skills and experience make you successful for the pharmacy residency?” You should convince the admission committee on the basis of your specialties and achievements that make you the perfect candidate for the applied program.
  • Why the institute will help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. You should also know the reason for choosing that particular institute for the pharmacy residency program in which you have applied. Obviously, there will be some remarkable research work and famous staff members on the credit of that institute. You should highlight that key points in very clear manner. However, you have to be very careful in praising the distinguishing features of that institute that there must be nothing imaginary or fake.

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pharmacy residency letter of intent sample

How Your Professional Goals will be Met by Getting Admission to Pharmacy Residency

This is the most important question that you should answer very carefully. Here professional goals don’t mean the short-term goals. You have to be very clear about your long-term goals. When you will disclose your aim of life and will relate to the particular pharmacy residency program with your goals, your pharmacist letter of intent will take a professional look. It will lead you towards securing the admission in your desired pharmacy residency program. You may also be interested in Statement of purpose for pharmacy!

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